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“The installation functions as a scalable fragment of space. It adjusts to the size of the jewelry, developing into a large furniture display, or even a space in itself.”

 Gonzalez Haase AAS

The creative visions of two Berlin-based studios intertwine, as the architectural design studio Gonzalez Haase AAS creates an artistic installation for fine jewelry brand OUVERTURE.

Known for their spatial concepts that focus on the interaction between light and architecture, Gonzalez Haase AAS plays with the tension between material, form, and light in this inspiring collaboration, designing a modular display that incorporates three elements – frames, plates, and triangular podiums.

By utilizing a combination of geometric and organic forms in neutral, translucent, and reflective material, and adding subtle nuances, the architectural duo has created a remarkable installation for OUVERTURE designs that accentuates the silhouettes of the fine jewelry pieces.

The installation and fine jewelry were photographed by Frank Hülsbömer in September 23, Berlin.

The display together with selected fine jewelry pieces from the new OUVERTURE Fall 23 collection were presented within an extended installation by Gonzalez Haase AAS, at an invitation-only event in Berlin on October 19th, 2023.